Grams of Inspiration #7 — Road Magic of Life Magic?

I’m not a superstitious person — but it seems like being on the road has put me in closer contact with how often amazing coincidences actually happen in our everyday lives.

Here’s one that happened to me when i was cycle touring in the Odessa Region.

As i’m pulling out of the worse dirt road ever back into the main road (and worse asphalt (?) road ever), a red van driving by stops, while the driver steps out of it shouting, “Brazilia!” What the fuck? — could he see the tiny Brazilian flag sown to my handlebar bag from all the way out there? — probably not — and he’s too jolly to be the secret police — it must be Yuriy’s friend!!

I was supposed to spend the night before camping in Gannady’s backyard, as arranged by our common friend Yuriy, from Izmail — but the heat, energizing encounters along the way and sincerely bad roads slowed me down and i couldn’t make it. I planned to swing by the day after anyways just to say “hi,” but it seems like life magic once again took care of that for me!

Do you notice such coincidences in your life? I would be delighted to hear one! Please share in the comments below 😀

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