welcome to not mad yet!

Final adjustments before departing from Niš, Serbia, in the morning of April 2nd, 2017


This is Mika, a nomad and explorer working and traveling around the world making friends, collecting experiences and sharing impressions. Up until not long ago, adventure was a somewhat private sideshow, but upon finishing my 69-day solo bike journey from Copenhagen to Istanbul, i decided to put all my proverbial eggs in the epic adventures basket, and make it my main act — that’s the premise of Not Mad Yet!

On April 2nd, 2017 i began executing my first big project under that banner: The North Cape Hypothesis — my attempt to ride my bicycle from Niš, Serbia, to Nordkapp, Norway, via Eastern Europe and Russia (follow the link to learn more). This journey is being documented with words in my blog, where i also collect some of my thoughts about other topics, with images on Instagram, where i also share frames from my daily life and moments from previous adventures, and you are also invited to like my Facebook page, where i collect all of that, plus some third party content i find interesting in this context. The best way for you not to miss any important updates though, especially with regards to future plans, is to sign up for my newsletter, so don’t forget to do that before leaving this page!!

If you want to help or work with me, check out the support or hire me tabs. Either way, i’d love to hear from you, and you’re welcome to contact me at any time — i promise to reply to every single message.

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