My name is Mika. I’m an adventurer and “ambassador” traveling and living around the world collecting experiences, sharing impressions and connecting people. I also teach people how to make their dream adventure come true — within their budget!

I am putting together a tutorial on how to travel long-term and on a budget! It will consist of a series of short “lessons” sent every few days via email, each covering one of the relevant topics such as accommodation, food, gear, etc.

To gain access to the tutorial and get summaries of what else is developing here in manageable, sporadic bits, sign up for the Not Mad Yet mailing list:

Meanwhile, check out my stories on the Not Mad Yet blog, find out how you can help me continue doing what i’m doing, or how you can do it yourself!

Thank you for the visit, and enjoy your stay!

charities supported by this project

In 2014 i took the  Giving What We Can pledge, and have been donating 10% of my gross earnings to the best poverty-relief project i am currently aware of ever since. The current recipient of my pledge donations is the Against Malaria Foundation, a non-profit organization distributing long-lasting insecticide-treated nets in developing countries. Each net costs about $4.00, lasts for 3–4 years, and protects, on average, two people sleeping under them. This is understood to be the most cost-effective way to prevent malaria, a severely debilitating disease affecting half a billion people every year, about half a million of which die of the disease.

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