My name is Mika. I’m a writer traveling and living around the world, collecting experiences, sharing impressions and connecting people 🙂


I am currently on the road, hitchhiking with my wife from our home in L’viv, Ukraine to Lisbon, Portugal, where we will catch a flight to Brazil — my homeland! The rough idea is to spend a few months traveling around the country reconnecting with my roots by visiting all the relatives and friends i can find.

why Not Mad Yet?

I believe in a global community transcending national borders and “tribal” affiliations while, at the same time, respecting individual preferences and encouraging self-expression.

“We will never know world peace,
until three people can simultaneously
look each other straight in the eye.”

— James Maynard Keenan 

Not Mad Yet is my personal journey pursuing this vision 😀


For the past couple of years, i’ve been traveling around the world, mostly in months long expeditions with my bicycle, and more recently also by hitchhiking. 


I travel on a very small budget, self-sufficient in most regards, but relying largely on the hospitality and creativity of locals to guide my exploration of their territory and solve problems.


What i’ve observed and learned in this process is being documented with images and words in the Not Mad Yet blogThe blog is updated regularly — the Trelograms series of short reflections is published weekly in counterpoint to my sporadic long articles going deeper into my experience on the road in particular and life in general.

I am currently hard at work on a budget long-term traveling tutorial and giving a series of talks consolidating my experience and raising questions to be pursued going forward. This will be one of the many resources i plan to put together and share (for free) on this website.

what else?

To be fair, i’m also on Instagram, and i’m also cautiously starting a YouTube channel — if any of that is your thing, then you’re most welcome to go check those out 😉

stay in the loop!

To get summaries of what’s going on here in manageable sporadic bits, sign up for the Not Mad Yet mailing list — it will also give you the Trelograms series of short inspirational reads delivered every week straight to your inbox!

Thank you for the visit, and enjoy your stay!

charities supported by this project

In 2014 i took the  Giving What We Can pledge, and have been donating 10% of my gross earnings to the best poverty-relief project i am currently aware of ever since. At the moment, the recipient of my pledge donations is GiveDirectly, a non-profit organization operating cash transfers in poor communities in Kenya and Uganda, and carefully studying their effects on the well-being of the recipients — i’m particularly stoked by their recently launched long-term Basic Income experiment — the first ever of its kind!

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