Mindless Focus

My entry (with some edits) to the “One Pink Slipper” Mini-Contest on Scribophile

“Lovek, I found your pink slipper!”

Clack-clack, click, clack . . .

“Would you like me to bring it over?”

Click, clack, clickety-clack . . .

“You didn’t hear me, did you? Here — it was under our bed,” she said while dropping it next to him. “I’m going to eat now.”

“Huh? Sure — I’ll join you in a bit” — clack-click-clack-clack . . .

Seventeen minutes later, the session timer went off — time for a long break. He got up, slid his foot in the slipper, and looked around, searching for the pair:


“Tak, Lovek?”

“Have you seen my other slipper?”

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