Half-Dressed for the Weather

My entry (with some edits) to the “Blue Bic Lighter” Mini-Contest on Scribophile

We don’t always choose what to notice. I was drawn to his hands, performing the automated cigarette-lighting gesture. Inevitably, I noticed the lighter — a blue Bic — and what he smoked — Cavalier Mild — one can tell by the brand names that smoking is an outdated habit.

“I started in the army — smokers were the only ones allowed breaks.”

“I started in my first job — everybody smoked.”

“Now we’re the only two out here.” He exhaled slowly. “Look at them — I wonder which is worse: cigarette breaks, or no breaks at all.”

“Hopefully, someday we won’t need an excuse.”

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3 thoughts on “Half-Dressed for the Weather

  1. Well, half-dressed, half-naked… you name it. Sometimes it’s not possible to be both at the same time… 😉

  2. Adorei! Texto curto e reflexivo! Poético!

    Loved it! Short and reflective text! Poetic!

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