Creative Winter Challenge

Last year, my dear friend and brilliant artist Fuji Hoffmann [website, vimeo] proposed we challenged each other throughout the month of October to experiment with different habits and create something new every week. We made videos describing our process and results, and shared our dialog on this blog and my newsletter.

Here are a couple of highlights from that exercise:

Fuji and i agreed that working on those challenges taught us a fair lot about our respective processes, and that we enjoyed creating something together. So, we’re doing it again this Winter 😀 We also learned that the weekly schedule we had committed to last year is unsustainable, so we’ll pace it differently this time — it will be a monthly quest until around when it starts getting warm again.

As before, there are no a priori bounds on what we may request from each other, except that the assignments this season will revolve around the topic of photography — i’m increasingly interested in shooting, Fuji in editing, and i can only expect good things to come out of this cross-pollination! I’ve been fascinated by what Fuji does with images for a while, and it will be an honor to have him make a mess with my photos.

Indeed, feedback was the spirit of our first quest — we gave each other a theme or stimulus, shot a few photos in reaction to that, then sent our images to the other to edit. This October round of the Challenge wrapped up a couple of weeks ago, and i’ll be back soon with our results 😉

Work on the November round is underway, and i plan to post an entry or two every month outlining what we did for the challenge the month before — if you’d like to be notified when that happens, sign up for my newsletter 🙂

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