Fuji & Mika #5 — Fuji’s Rising on the 3rd Day

Another quick update from Fuji on his early mornings, followed by another one of his video editing experiments — i really, really like this one!

Check out Fuji & Mika #4 — fiction_Extract_test1.0 to read (and watch) more on Fuji’s approach to video editing.

Fuji and i challenged each other throughout the month of October to experiment with different habits and create something new every week. We made videos describing our process and results and sharing our dialog here on my blog. It starts with Fuji & Mika #0 — Creative October Challenge, where we explain the concept and share our first challenges to each other. To read and watch all posts from the challenge in chronological order, visit Creative October Challenge.


Clips from Gattaca and Only God Forgives. Music: Sleeping Dragon, by Lobo Loco.

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Experiments: Creative October Challenge; Fuji & Mika

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