Creative October Challenge

UPDATED April 30th, 2019 — half-the-way through the challenge last October, i was invited to give a presentation at the I TEDxDrobetaTurnuSeverin in Romania, and Fuji was invited to teach movement and choreography at Wiks Folkhögskola (outside Uppsala, Sweden). With other priorities in mind, we put the experiment on hold until recently, when we decided it would be psychologically beneficial to give it some closure before moving on — if you want to go straight to the results you may check out fiction_Extract_test1.0, The Stubborn Face of Matter, Haikus from Borzhava, Infinity + 1, “Failure” Is just a Story or Collagenge.

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My friend, artist, and supporter Fuji Hoffmann proposed we challenge each other throughout the month of October to create and share something every week — there are no editorial bounds to what we may request from each other, and i’m looking forward to what his creative mind will send my way!

The video below explains the experiment and describes our first challenge to each other. The progress, results and further challenges will be posted on vimeo as they develop throughout the month, and you’re invited to head over there and follow me to stay in the loop 😉

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Experiments: Creative October Challenge; Fuji & Mika

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