Fuji & Mika #6 — The Stubborn Face of Matter

A little over a week ago, my friend Fuji challenged me to write a song using exclusively items from my kitchen. This was an incredible opportunity for me to mesh two of my greatest passions — music and adventure!

In the video below i talk a bit about my process throughout the challenge, presenting the results at the end. If you just want to hear the song, it starts at 2:35 🙂 Enjoy!

In the video i mention my partial update a couple of days into the process, and also a detailed description of my backpacking kitchen — just follow the links!

Fuji and i have been challenging each other throughout the month of October to experiment with different habits and create something new every week — if you’ve missed it, we explain the idea in Fuji & Mika #0 — Creative October Challenge. Our next challenges to each other will be posted tomorrow!

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