Fuji & Mika #4 — fiction_Extract_test1.0

This is one of the things Fuji has been working on in his early mornings!

In Fuji’s own words:

“I have a great admiration for the cinema, sometimes I see a clip, and I want to watch that five seconds over and over and over. My entrance into video editing is of course as a novice. A beginner, as I try to figure out what does this do, and this. I also bring my sensitivity as a choreographer into it. Repetition, variation, nuance, contrast… Always fun to put knowledge into use in new medias. If you are aware that you know nothing, you always learn something new :)”

Thanks for sharing, Fuji — and knowing a bit about your process makes me appreciate it a lot more đŸ˜€

Fuji and i challenged each other throughout the month of October to experiment with different habits and create something new every week. We made videos describing our process and results and sharing our dialog here on my blog. It starts with Fuji & Mika #0 — Creative October Challenge, where we explain the concept and share our first challenges to each other. To read and watch all posts from the challenge in chronological order, visit Creative October Challenge.


Clips from Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai across the 8th Dimension. Music: periculum, by Kai Engel. “Trippy segments” are pictures remade and remixed by Fuji, processed in Resolume Arena 6 , then exported to Windows Movie Maker.

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Experiments: Creative October Challenge; Fuji & Mika

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