Fuji & Mika #16 — BONUS: Stubborn Face Together

My friend, artist and supporter Fuji [website, vimeo] and i challenged each other throughout the month of October to experiment with different habits and create something new every week. We made videos describing our process and results, and shared our dialog here on my blog: fiction_Extract_test1.0, The Stubborn Face of Matter, Haikus from Borzhava, Infinity + 1, “Failure” Is just a Story and Collagenge.

Fuji edited a flattering video to accompany The Stubborn Face of Matter — the song i made for the first challenge. As i said then, the words for the tune came to me during my Copenhagen–Istanbul cycle tour in Fall ’16. I asked him to add some clips from my journey to it, and really like the result! So, i’m sharing it as some sort of post-closure bonus:

See you on the next creative challenge, Fuji!

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Experiments: Creative October Challenge; Fuji & Mika

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