Trelograms #12 — Happy Gregorian New Year!

Is it pedantry, or misanthropy? I hope the comma will clearly specify that i am at least not implying a dichotomy — i guess pedantry it is!

I will try to justify it a bit further though, and say that i’m a bit wary of mindlessly attributing some special significance to the position of the floating piece of rock we dwell on with respect to an arbitrary frame of reference — although i am perfectly fine with doing so mindfully!

Laurențiu, my generous driver from Bacău to Suceava when i was hitchhiking from Bucharest, Romania back home in Lviv, Ukraine said (and i paraphrase) that “tradition connects us to nature” — a statement i chose to interpret more abstractly and rephrase as,practice connects us to reality.”

There is truth in both these statements.

But what is the reality underlying the transition from what we have agreed to call the 31st of December into the 1st of January in a world where apples magically appear all year round in our supermarkets, spotless bright red and crunchy, piled up in neat pyramids, and automatically sprayed with fresh water at regular intervals?

Featured photo: Laurențiu buying brooms on the roadside from a 60-year old man who has been making them since he was four ( Romania, December ’17 )

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Trelograms’ is a wordplay between ‘telegram’ and ‘trélos’ (Greek for ‘mad’)

Trelograms: inspiration

0 thoughts on “Trelograms #12 — Happy Gregorian New Year!

  1. I could never understand who and why has chosen this specific date in the middle of winter.. It makes much more sense in the middle of March like they have it in the ancient Slavic calendar . This is when the nature wakes up, winter steps away, trees start blooming, grass starts growing.
    But I grew up in a tradition of having NY as we have it now and I respect it and it is internalized in my life, it is an important date for me. I do see it as a transition, as ending of old and beginning of new, a fresh start. It is time to reflect on the past, present and future. It is time time to say goodbye to the past and welcome the future.
    Also, of course, I feel more united with my local community and the rest of the world

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂
      It is interesting that you note that you feel more united with your local community and the rest of the world — i realize i also feel a bit like that celebrating Christmas on January 6th like last year in Serbia or this year in Ukraine.
      I just hope people will be mindful of the traditions they’re engaged with and not take them for granted and/or follow them unconditionally 🙂

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