Shattered Mirror

“Now extend your arm, and look at your face in the mirror.”

The guided meditation thus proceeded . . .

“Where is your face?”

I need to shave.

“It’s there, at the far end of your arm.”

The mirror cracked.

“Do you see your face at the near end of your arm, also?”

I see two phantom noses

“Over there, I see my face — over here, I see no face.”

— as if ghosts were trying to escape my body.

“Over there, I see color, shapes, and movement — over here, just boundless space for that.”

Boundless space for that shattered image.

I wrote this for an internal 100-word contest at Scribophile. It was inspired by Douglas Harding’s mirror experiment, as taught by Richard Lang in the Waking Up App.

Featured photo: HELP! (Odesa, Winter ’20)

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One thought on “Shattered Mirror

  1. What a pleasurable short read!!!! Wonderfull!!!!Congratulations!!!! You was very inspired!!!!
    Love, mom.

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