Buying the Future

My entry (with some edits) to the “Voucher Redeemed” Mini-Contest on Scribophile
(the italicized bit was copied from the challenge prompt and added for extra context)

A movie palace is closing down . . .

“So, this is it?”

“This is it.”

“I’m going to miss you, Edgar — what are you moving on to?”

“I’ll be glad to retire and help my daughter with her kids — if i can keep up with them.”

“I’m beginning not to understand this world either — what is this they’re handing out?”

“I’m not sure. They’re giving it to everyone who came this month — it’s from the gentlemen who bought the building.”

Inside the envelope, a voucher — a complimentary 3-month Pacific Prime streaming subscription:

“Do you know what they’re doing with the place?”

“Do they know?”

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