Fuji and Mika #11 — Haikus from Borzhava

What is it like to be me in the mountains?

Two weeks ago i went hiking on the Borzhava Range in the Ukrainian stretch of the Carpathians. My friend and artist Fuji then challenged me capture and share some of that experience in haikus!

A ‘haiku’ is a short poem juxtaposing and contrasting two images or ideas. It traditionally follows a 5-7-5 distribution pattern of syllables across three lines. Haikus were originally developed by the Japanese. [Wikipedia, wikiHow]

I’d never tried writing a haiku before and, as i mentioned in my last update after just coming back a week ago, i greatly enjoyed the process — most notably, it made me more aware of how judgemental i often am of my own experience in the mountains :p

I hope you’ll enjoy the results — if you like them, there are probably a couple more where those came from, and i think i wouldn’t mind putting them together as well ūüėČ

This was the second in a series of challenges Fuji and i have been giving each other throughout the month of October, to encourage experimentation with different methods and processes. We’ve been publicly sharing our “dialog” on my blog — highlights of the first challenge’s output include The Stubborn Face of Matter and fiction_Extract_test1.0 — if you want to start from the beginning, check out Fuji and Mika #0 — Creative October Challenge.

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