Trelograms #11 — In Fact, Why Aren’t You Drawing :-)

I always thought my best friend from childhood drew really well. When i think about it, that has been a huge part of the reason i’d always thought i couldn’t draw myself.

What do you think?

I started making these in June, the day after leaving L’viv the first time i was here, during my last cycle tour. Inspired by a conversation with my then host (and now fiancée!) and the two street artists playing the guitar and passing a hat next to us, i decided to get a pastel set and a sketchbook, and follow up on the realization i had had almost a year before — i cannot draw what i do not see.

I wonder whether everybody who makes art feels similarly.

It doesn’t seem to be about whether they’re good or bad — i’ve been sharing them with my encounters along the road, and quite positively surprised by the reactions they trigger — while many people seem understandably indifferent, those who do express interest tend to do so rather non-judgmentally, asking me questions about the underlying process and what i see in them.

What do you see in them?

If you already draw (or paint/sketch/sculpt/whatever), i will be very glad to see some of your art and learn a bit about your process! — and if you don’t make art, then i encourage you to start 😀

got no time or money to travel? — i beg to differ!

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On the photo:  “Potcoava” (November ’17)