Trelograms #14 — Solo, Not Alone

In the village of Zatoka (Odessa Region, Ukraine), another person passing by recognized me as “the Brazilian” — where should i know this one from though!?

I didn’t — Zhenya recognized my cycle touring rig from the photos the lovely Magazin Kashtan ladies showed him (that’s the shop in Kilija where i stopped three days before to buy bread and wound up having one of my strongest emotional encounters on the road so far). Although Zhenya didn’t speak much more English than i spoke Ukranian, we somehow managed to synchronize and enjoy a great time riding the remaining 60Km or so left to Odessa.

It is always refreshing to find someone going in the same direction and at about the same pace as me — it reminds me that, although the overarching journey is ultimately mine, it can be shared with others where it intersects with theirs!

got no time or money to travel? — i beg to differ!

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On the photo: the moment Zhenya and i parted ways after arriving in Odessa (May ’17) — you may read the full account of my experience cycle touring in the Odessa Region here.