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… as a long-term travel coach

If you’d like to go cycle touring yourself but are not quite sure where to begin, i’ll be delighted to coach you! Between my Copenhagen–Istanbul tour (Autumn ’16), The North Cape Hypothesis (Summer ’17), plus a dozen or so smaller tours across Northern Europe, i’ve logged 250+ days of cycle touring in more than 20 countries. I would love to share my experience with gear selection, route planning, troubleshooting, social engineering, camping, and all other pleasantries and unpleasantries of life on the road — i assure you it will be mostly pleasantries 😉

More than just helping me with practical advice for the pilgrimage I planned, Mika helped me to explore the deep motivations for wanting to do this adventure and find my own personal terms to express my goals. So when I finally had to cancel my project because of health issues, he helped me find ways to realize my purpose even in a completely new project. I’m really grateful for his coaching.” Janique Behman (39), Switzerland

… as a writer

If you like my writing, i will gladly consider writing for you. I’m open to anything ranging from a one-off article about a place i could check out along my way to a fully sponsored traveling journalism gig, including cross-posting arrangements. And yes — I could capitalize the ‘I’ in my writing, if required.

… as something else

Would you like to hire me as an adventure guide for your expedition? Would you like me to give a motivational talk? If you’d like to partner with me on anything, i’ll be flattered to consider your proposal, so long as you genuinely believe it’s something we could both benefit from.

in summary

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