hire me

… as a bike-touring coach

If you’d like to go on a bike tour yourself but are not quite sure where to start, i’ll be delighted to coach you! Between my Copenhagen-Istanbul ride plus a dozen or so others across Northern Europe, i’ve logged 100+ days of touring in 14 countries, through which i’ve earned a lot of experience with gear selection, route planning, social engineering, camping, road traffic, and all the other pleasantries and unpleasantries of life on the road – i assure you it’s going to be mostly pleasantries!

… as a writer

If you like my writing, i will gladly consider writing for you. I’m open to anything ranging from a one-off article about a place i could check out along my way to a fully sponsored traveling journalism gig. (Yes, I can capitalize the ‘I’ in my writing, if required.)

… as a math teacher!

I love mathematics, i love teaching, and i would love to work with mathematical education at the high school or undergraduate level, in an environment where an instrumental approach to it is welcome. You can learn more about what i mean by that in my statement of teaching philosophy.

… as something else

Wanna tag along my next tour as a photographer? Wanna hire me as an adventure guide? Want me to give a talk? If you’d like to work with me on anything else, i’ll be flattered to consider your proposal.

Tell me briefly what you have in mind by filling out the form below, and i will get back to you.

charities supported by this project

In 2014 i have taken the  Giving What We Can pledge, and have been donating 10% of my gross income to the best poverty-relief project i am currently aware of ever since. At the moment, the recipient of my donations is GiveDirectly, an organization operating cash transfers in poor communities in Kenya and Uganda, and carefully studying their effects on the well-being of the recipients. GiveDirectly is highly recommended by reputable charity evaluator GiveWell.