Do you find value in the content i create? There are several ways in which you can help me fund the experiences that inspire it and the time to put it together 🙂

recurring donations

Become a regular donor via Patreon — whatever is your budget, there’s a donation tier and a sweet reward for you ❤

one time donations

Make a one-time donation via PayPal — all donations greater than or equal to $10 will be rewarded with a postcard from one of my adventures 😀

If you have a bank account in Brazil, you can also wire any amount of Brazilian Reais directly to my account:

Banco do Brasil
Agência: 2912-2
Conta-Corrente: 13938-6

wish list

donate a camera

Help me fund an entry level DSLR camera as i grow out of my phone 🙂


other ways to help

I am working to include other options such as cryptocurrency and affiliate links, and i’m open to any other suggestions you may have. If none of the above is convenient to you, please comment below or send me an email, and i will reach out to you so we may find another way 😉

Since its inception a year and a half ago, i’ve managed to run the smallest viable version of Not Mad Yet for an average $300/month drawn from savings from my previous life in academia, a few generous gifts from close relatives and friends, and a fair amount of freelancing in between expeditions. My savings won’t last forever though, and said freelancing has been gradually becoming a tremendous distraction — i hope to phase out of it into direct donations from those consuming the content i create — the more that happens, the more of my soul i’ll be able to put into this project!

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