Trelograms #10 — Why Aren’t You Writing Also?

— i mean, in public!

The process of putting this website together has been a huge challenge in many ways.

My travels, which are my main source of inspiration for it, used to be very private up until little over a year ago. I would barely share it even with my parents and dearest friends. The last method of documenting them i’d been experimenting with before Not Mad Yet  —  and really enjoying!  —  was to take a limited number of pictures with a film camera, develop them upon my return, and then write on their backs over coffee!

Now add to that hermetic privacy the academic standard under which i’ve been trained as a mathematician, and you get someone who might forever dread the mere prospect of publicly sharing any thought that hasn’t been thoroughly examined, researched and developed.

It gets easier. The more i write, the closer i seem to get to how i used to feel when the only person i would share my thoughts with was my selves.

What is your life project? Are you working on it? What’s the underlying process? ‘Writing’ here is to be understood metaphorically. If you know what you have to do, create the space for it, and share the process — and if you don’t, then create the space to find out — and share the process!

got no time or money to travel? — i beg to differ!

I am hard at work on a budget long-term traveling tutorial consolidating all i’ve learned over my past two years on the road — sign up for the Not Mad Yet mailing list, and be among the first to hear about it when it’s out!

You will also get this weekly Trelograms series of inspiring one-minute reads delivered straight to your inbox two days before they’re published here on the blog 🙂

On the photo:  a windmill “bed” on my way to a zen retreat in Vig, Denmark,
and what i wrote behind the photo upon developing it (June ’16)

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