Launching the ‘Not Edited Yet’ YouTube series!

I collect a fair amount of video footage along my path. But while i focus my current efforts on writing, much of that footage is sadly left largely unprocessed and unedited. Every now and then it seems like the first take is already good enough to be posted as is though, and i figured i’d share those along the way!

I’ve been finding a lot of those “prime uncuts” as i go through my photos and videos from my latest cycle touring project (The North Cape Hypothesis) in the context of writing about it. I plan to release one of those videos every Wednesday on my YouTube channel — be sure to subscribe!

got no time or money to travel? — i beg to differ!

I am hard at work on a budget long-term traveling tutorial consolidating all i’ve learned over my past two years on the road — sign up for the Not Mad Yet mailing list, and be among the first to hear about it when it’s out!

You will also get the weekly Trelograms series of inspiring one-minute reads delivered straight to your inbox two days before they’re published here on the blog 🙂

On the photo: fallen tree the morning after a windstorm, on my way to work in L’viv,  Ukraine (October 6th, 2017)

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