Grams of Inspiration #2 — Connected

What do you make out of this image? People sitting next to each other seemingly lost in the world through their gadgets is a common sight these days, isn’t it?

Today i want to invite you to look beyond what the image might suggest and meet Daichi and Ryo Uchiyama, the people in it. When i approached them, introduced myself, and asked if i could chat with them for a little bit, they replied with excited interest, promptly closing the laptop and putting away the phone.

This friendly Japanese couple got married two years ago, and have been traveling together around the world on what they told me is their honeymoon ever since — 24 countries, and counting! In hindsight, i’m not surprised it was so easy to connect with them.

They take jolly, colorful pictures, some of which you can see in their Instagram  @tabiwalife.

Call to action: i want to connect with you! Write me an email or comment below. I’ll read and reply to all messages. Furthermore, the first three of you to do so will get a 30-minute video call for us to talk about whatever is alive inside us 😀

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On the photo: Daichi and Ryo Uchiyama, chillling at the Kredens Cafe in L’viv, Ukraine (15/Oct/2017)

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