Trelograms #0 — The Chosen Narrow, Dark Tunnels Ahead

When i’m cycle touring (and perhaps also when i’m not?), traffic is by far my greatest source of apprehension.

Once you’ve chosen to ride along the Iron Gates, the stretch of the Danube River flowing along the border between Serbia and Romania (or is it the border that flows along the river?), a series of 22 narrow tunnels varying in length from a few tens to a few hundreds of meters will be an inevitable part of your experience. One may then question their very decision to be there and turn back, or one may put on their reflective vest, turn on their lights, and cautiously but confidently carry on.

What will you do?

Do you take the risks of ‘not doing’ something into account when making a decision?

In hindsight, i am quite grateful someone was there before me to build those tunnels!

got no time or money to travel? — i beg to differ!

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On the photo: my touring rig and the 21st of the 22 narrow tunnels on the Serbian side of the Danube River along the Iron Gates (April ’17)

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