Not Edited Yet #2 — Ai se eu te pego!

Being on the road seems to make me a lot more open to be surprised by all that is already out there 😀

This is Borys, asking his cousin if i could pitch my tent in front of his shop. He first drew my attention by shouting, ‘Brazil!,’ from a bus stop as i was passing by — this staggered me, as it typically sounds a bit more like ‘Brazilia’ in the Slavic world — this is also about what we call our capital back home, and had been a maddening source of confusion for the past few weeks.

He was indeed talking to me in Portuguese, which he picked up during his 11 years working in Portugal — he eventually invited me to stay at his place for the night, and it was quite refreshing to be able to speak my mother tongue after such a long time on the road — but not even that had prepared me for the surprise to hear him singing Michel Teló further along the evening!

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