Not Edited Yet #1 — A Taste of my Packing System

What do i take on my cycle tours, and how do i pack it?

Vladimir, an English teacher at the American Language Center in Chisinau, Moldova, was particularly interested in my packing system, and what i call each of my panniers: the ‘office,’ the ‘kitchen,’ the ‘bedroom’ and the ‘attic’ — this was, of course, not my original idea — many people traveling long-term by bicycle compartmentalize their luggage in one way or another so as to optimize their process.

I plan to further develop on my packing system and go into each of my panniers in a bit more detail at some point in the future, but this short video (kindly shot by Vladimir when i was leaving Chisinau on May 18th, 2017) gives a taste of what that might look like 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Not Edited Yet #1 — A Taste of my Packing System

  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing your process. It’s funny that you have the ”attic” and the ”bedroom” on your bike 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

      Having such a system really helps to keep everything flowing.

      For instance, if i stop for a snack on the road, i know everything i could possibly need for that is in the “kitchen,” and i won’t even need to open the other bags. If i’m staying on the fifth floor in someone’s house, but my bicycle will be stored in their storage room in the basement, i only need to take the “bedroom” and “office” upstairs.

      And so on 🙂

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