Trelograms #8 — Is It Really Broken, or You’re Just Gonna Need to Walk Instead?

I might not have stopped to take pictures had it been in operation — especially not inside.

I might not have been able to walk on the left — even though i didn’t.

I might have been in a bigger rush.

I might have had a happier life.

I might not have had a happier life.

On the photo: Gara de Nord, Bucharest (November ’17)

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Trelograms is a series of short inspirational and/or inquisitive reads written in counterpoint to my chronicles and concrete travel advice on cycle touring, hitchhiking or in general. The series title is a word play between ‘telegram’ and ‘trélos’ (Greek for ‘mad’). Follow the links to read more, and sign up for the Not Mad Yet mailing list to be notified when new articles go live and get other updates

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