Trelograms #5 — Leaving Doesn’t Get Easier

This picture shows Tanja, Natasha and Valja from Mahazin Kashtan in the village of Kilija, Ukraine — the village comes up along the Danube River between Izmail and Odessa, a popular week-long cycle touring route during Spring and Summer.

Mahazin Kashtan was where one of my shortest and most intense cycle touring encounters to date took place. I walked in just to get some bread but, as it’s nearly always the case, that’s never the whole story — they seemed especially glad to see me, perhaps because i came from so far (Brazil) — i believe that can be seen in their smiles on the photo.

Despite their contagious joy, this encounter was also a tough reminder that we’re constantly departing on a cycle tour — perhaps in life in general? This was one of the countless occasions in which i broke into tears upon leaving them behind — am i ever going to see them again!?

This will likely not quite apply to the vast majority of my readers — but on the off chance that you’re doing the Izmail–Odessa ride, please swing by Mahazin Kashtan on your way through Kilija — do you food shopping there, and tell the ladies that Mika, cycle touring guy from Brazil, says ‘hi’ 😉

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