Fuji & Mika #7 — Can a Secret Be Exchanged in Public — and Remain a Secret?

This is my next challenge to Fuji along our Creative October 🙂 Although it has at least one very elegant mathematical solution (which i’ll share afterwards for those of you who may not know what i’m talking about), i’m especially curious about how a bold artist like Fuji might approach it!

In the video, which wound up getting much longer than i’d have liked, i also spend some time motivating the challenge by questioning the concept of ‘performance’ (in art) — what is it? Does a performance happen on stage, or in the spectator’s subjective experience, as many illusionists will say? To what extent is it a secret (and different) exchange, in public, between artist and each audience member?

If you’ve missed the beginning of the series, you should check out Fuji & Mika #0 — Creative October Challenge, which describes the project and lays out our first challenge to each other — if you prefer to start with the results from the challenge, then i recommend fiction_Extract_test1.0 or The Stubborn Face of Matter 🙂

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