If you’d like to go on an overland journey yourself but are not quite sure where to begin, i will guide you! Between my adventures over the past couple of years, i’ve logged 13,000+ Km cycle touring across 21 countries, and another 17,000+ Km hitchhiking through 17 countries.

what they say

Janique Behman (39), Switzerland

More than just helping me with practical advice for the pilgrimage I planned, Mika helped me to explore the deep motivations for wanting to do this adventure and find my own personal terms to express my goals. So, when I finally had to cancel my project because of health issues, he helped me find ways to realize my purpose even in a completely new project. I’m really grateful for his coaching.

become you, too, another realized adventurer!

All i know about long-term, overland travel has already been published on this blog, or else will be shared here as soon as i finish putting it together — always for FREE! I’m not only really bad at online marketing, but i also think it is a great deal of what is wrong with the Internet.

Instead of making you sit through a dishonest one hour-long webinar in which i spend 50 minutes trying to sell you my coaching sessions, i’ll be straightforward: enjoy and share the content i’ve published on my blog, ask questions on the comments and, if you’re satisfied, become a grateful donor and buy me a metaphorical cup of coffee every now and then — what do you think?

If you’d still want some of my time looking specifically into your particular context after that, no problem though — just tell me in a few words what’s your situation, and we’ll take it from there 🙂